Popup web widget

Insert the widget on any website that supports JS- WordPress, Magento, Squarespace, Wix, Joomla, Weebly and etc. It is optimized for ALL major browsers desktop/mobile- Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Edge.


  • Light/dark mode style
  • ¬†Widget’s icon colorpicker
  • Charts- enable/hide option

Widget script

Asynchronous loading script. Loading a script asynchronously has an advantage of not slowing the page down. It uses the best practices of online chat support widgets.


  • Lightweight – 18Kb
  • Fast loading time
  • Asynchronous loading

Made for developers- widget CSS

If you are a skilled developer you can easily modify and adapt widget design to your website.

Company online profile charts

There are two options to create charts- 1) authorize with reading access, the charts will create automatically, your revenue will be “verified” 2) add manually in a table.


  • Stripe
  • PayPal (beta testing)
  • Google Analytics
  • Manual data entry


Easy to understand built-in settings. It takes 1 minute to control your company profile. You can choose which charts to show and which charts to hide. You control page index in Google search.


  • Enable/disable chart types
  • Noindex/index company profile
  • Charts currency- USD, EUR, GBP

Dark mode styling

This is our current default widget styling mode. Check it on our website as an example in action. You can use a color picker to match the color of the widget icon with your website color palette.

Light mode styling

This mode is developed for dark background websites.

Features and roadmap


We are planning these features to develop in the future. Disclaimer*- Product roadmap can change any time. Please follow us on social media channels (listed in the page footer) or sign up our newsletter.

Upcoming features

  • Only your company branding
  • Hosted on the custom domain name
  • Control update frequency of charts
  • Restricted charts access- grant access to the exact email address.
  • Mastermind group. (requires particular MRR)