How to Land Media Coverage for Your Startup Without Hiring a PR Firm

By Dainis Kanopa. July 30, 2018

It’s 2018, and you just created a startup business. The next big step is to think of the best way to market your business. One of the effective ways to advertise your startup businesses is through editorial coverage or publicity. It increases;

  • 💵Revenue,
  • 💯Credibility,
  • 🤝Business relationships.

However, hiring a PR company might not be a practical choice, especially for startups whose funds can be quite limited. In my startup, I did not hire a PR firm, and I managed to land media coverage without the cost of a PR firm’s service. Here’s how you can do the same.

Be Important

Be Important

Journalists have plenty of topics per day. They will choose only a few of those topics to cover. Thus, it is essential to have something that is relevant enough to start a conversation. It should also be relatable enough to the audience. When you have press coverage or attention, it increases;

  • 📈Growth
  • 💯Credibility

As a startup business owner, you will need to form relationships with journalists to get the exposure your company needs, and this can be done by networking accordingly.


Know your target audience and niche of a media outlet and journalist

Know your target audience and niche of a media outlet and journalist


Things you need to know/do;

  • 👨‍👩‍👦‍👦The audience of each media outlet and the niche of a journalist.
  • ❗Check the importance of your story to the audience.
  • 📜Know the events that the journalists attend.
  • 🚶‍Attend these events at least once a month.

This will make sure that you have editorial exposure at least once every month and allow you to see how the media industry works. Journalists will always look for stories that their competitors don’t know. Just make sure you sound like a sales pitch when you talk about your business. If your business is unique and worthwhile, it can naturally attract the coverage you need.


Interesting Ideas

Interesting Ideas

The media will always look for the most relevant stories that you can provide them. If you manage to catch their interest, it will be advantageous to you and your company. The people who don’t know about your business will get the chance to hear about it. Thus the more your target audience hears from you, the easier it is for them to remember your company’s name. Other businesses will also try to reach to you for a joint venture or marketing.


Have a list of all journalists you meet

Create a list of all the journalists you meet and their niches. It’s important to keep the following information;

  • 📱Their personal contact information
  • 💬Which media outlet they work for

It will make things easier for you to contact journalists to cover your events. When you get published often, it catches the attention of more journalists and bloggers. From here on, your exposure will be exponential.


Take the initiative to reach out

Take the initiative to reach out

Take the initiative to reach out to your audience and the reporters. Send out emails or set up events that can create interest. The event doesn’t have to be expensive or big, but getting other industry people and reporters into your company is the goal. They’ll get to see what your company does this will open doors for opportunities in the future.

Creating a buzz about your company is the key goal. >>>>>> Hence, it is essential to be on all social media sites to get feedback from the reporters and your audience. When you do this, it increases the trust and authority of your company in the industry. Your name will be known in no time.