Why? Who? When?

What is “Daily Insight”? – it is an online tool which visualizes your company’s most important data and opens it to public access.

Who & why?

Who is behind (team)– my name is Dainis Kanopa, and last 15 years I was working on different e-commerce projects paying particular attention to web design projects and online shopping solutions, including peer-to-peer marketplaces. At open startup, I am building an online tool which will help to live update potential investors, business angels, and VCs.

Why did I decide to work on “Daily Insight” idea?

I tried to submit my different startups on Y Combinator, 500 Startups accelerators. But when you try to apply early you don’t have enough revenue, user signups, there wasn’t option to update these metrics for investors.

When will it launch?

It is in pre-launched at the moment.