Add more trust to your company

Visualize your company’s daily revenue. Update your customers and investors. You share online your company’s 💰 revenue, 🧑 visitors data in the chart view.

Net revenue chart
Open startup settings

Easy settings

Take control of most important settings. Index/no-index your reports. Hide from public. Host on your custom domain name (Pro)

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Pay monthly subscription or one yearly payment and save >45%. We use Stripe to collect payments.

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Profile features

You control everything public needs to know about your company and the revenue.

Open startup connect accounts

Simple dashboard

Connect with your Google analytics account, Stripe account or add your revenue manually. Fill the table!

Pricing & subscription Choose between a free, monthly and yearly subscription plans. You have unlimited free plan to evaluate service. No credit card required on sign up!

$0 /mo

Free plan

$19 /mo

PRO, if billed yearly- 48% off

* Learn about monthly and yearly payments here

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"Daily Insight" features

Connect Google Analytics

It is important to show you are growing day-by-day. Connect your Google analytics account to Daily Insight.

Connect Stripe account

Connect your company's Stripe account with a single click. Display combined revenue.

Connect PayPal

Connect your PayPal via API.

Manually add revenue

If you don't charge with Stripe or PayPal, you can add your revenue data manually. Just fill the table.

Revenue sharing

Grow and make extra attention when you are open to the public. Investors like to check your company's insights. Update it frequently!