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Display company revenue, visitors flow in filterable, online charts. ALL on your website. ALL in one popup widget.


"Daily Insight" features

Filterable company profile

Let your users, investors to filter company's revenue, visitor flow on daily, weekly, monthly basis.

Stripe account connect

Connect your company's Stripe account with a single click. Display combined revenue.

Google analytics connect

You grow. It is important to demonstrate you are growing day-by-day. Visualize your Google analytics account into charts.

PayPal account connect

Connect your PayPal via API (in development now)

Your company profile page and filtering

Authorize connections

Connect your payment gateways Stripe, PayPal, Google Analytics or manually add your company's daily revenue. Daily Insight will have read only access to your data, and cannot modify or delete.

Company profile

Your company profile page and calendar filtering.

Popup web widget

Display revenue and visitors flow charts on your website. Generate widget code in Settings page and insert few lines script into your website.

Visibility and placement

Easy control settings. Take control of most important settings. Index/no-index your reports. Enable/ disable your revenue, visitors charts.

Pricing & subscription Choose between a free, monthly and yearly subscription plans. You have unlimited free plan to evaluate service. No credit card required on sign up!


Basic plan

$19 / mo

Pro, if billed yearly- 48% off

* Learn about monthly and yearly payments here

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Open revenue

Grow and make extra attention when you are open to the public. You open data, you receive additional visibility!