A new, better way to increase trust, engage customers

Display your company revenue, visitors flow in online filterable charts. On your website in one popup widget.


Popup widget functionality

Display daily metrics

Let your users, investors to filter company's revenue, refunds, visitor flow, signups- on daily, weekly, monthly basis.

Import data from Stripe

Connect your company's Stripe account with a single click. Display combined revenue.

Import data from Google Analytics

You grow. It is important to display you grow day-by-day. Visualize your Google analytics visitors into widget charts.

Import data from PayPal

Connect your PayPal via API (in development now)

Get started

Sign up at Daily Insight.

Your widget script

Insert your widget code into your website’s page header or footer.


Connect Stripe, PayPal, and Google Analytics with Daily Insight. Daily Insight requires "read-only" access to your data.


Display charts- enable/ disable chart types: 1) daily revenue; 2) lifetime revenue; 3) new customers; 4) refunds, 5) chargebacks, 6) unique visitors.

Reload your page

Find the widget icon on the right bottom corner. The widget script has an asynchronous loading feature. It uses the best practices of online chat support widgets.

Click on widget icon, "expand" charts

Expand charts and find the date filtering feature. The widget is responsive on ALL major web browsers, including mobile browsers Safari, Chrome.

Responsive design

If your website visitors want more detailed insights about company performance, they click on charts.

Your company profile page and calendar filtering

Profile data is based on real-time data of your payment processing, real visitors flow.

Pricing plans Choose between a FREE, monthly (PRO) and yearly (PRO) subscription plans. You have unlimited free plan to evaluate service. No credit card required on sign up!


Basic plan

$29 / mo

Pro, if billed yearly- 25% off

* Learn more about monthly and yearly subscription here


How Daily Insight is solving your problem?

Why did you start Daily Insight?

I had a “problem” which I couldn’t solve for a decade. It was impossible to update application with latest revenue, visitor metrics or growth rate to Y Combinator and 500 startups.

Why did you decide to start with Daily Insight?

I am a visionary and had a "one-second" concept. What does it mean?- a tool that displays you all the information and let you decide in one second to trust or not.

Open metrics

Grow and create extra attention when you are open to the public. When the company unlocks metrics, it receives more visibility!